Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Did The Inter Net Revolution Really Start?

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The beginning legs actually started back in 1969. Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, were ready for a critical experiment. They had a computer and communications node, while colleagues installed similar equipment up the coast in Menlo Park. They planned to test whether they could link the two computers over telephone lines to operate as one system. The researchers began to tap in the message: 'log in' to make the link. The system crashed.

Thus was the beginning of internet revolution. By the end of the month they achieved the link. Of course, the purpose in those days was to ensure that nuclear missile systems could be kept operative even if part of the network was put out of commission in a war.

With the telecom boom and bust of the 90"s. Technology continued to grow and expand world wide.

Fax machines, cell phones, e-mail and hi speed internet service was the norm, smaller and faster the connection to communicate the better.

With Skype and Google Chat and Video we could now see each other while online.

2010 brings another step into the future of technology with the Internet Video phone.

More and More businesses today will continue to use the internet and more will be home based businesses and more will become virtual with the use of advanced technology like the video phone.

Accounting firms historically have always been very conservative and so therefore are behind the 8 ball in the online virtual world, except for First Tax Solution LLC.

First Tax Solution with their sister company started Online Tax Preparation and Filing Services as far back as 2000 and today First Tax Solution is ahead of the accounting industry by offering Virtual Tax Prep, Virtual bookkeeping and Virtual accounting services.

With the use of the video phone, skype and google chat and video individuals and businesses can have all their accounting needs met and never leave home or their office.

First Tax Solution offers Tax Service When You Need It.

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