Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help for Business Owners

Help for Business Owners
Established as "the Official Link to the U.S. Government," Business.GOV
at is a unique
website for business owners. Operated by the Small Business Administration,
this website offers business owners information on how to find loans and
grants, start a home-based business, register a business name, search or
register a corporation, obtain a business license, get information on
employment laws, and bid on government contracts.
Within the loans and grants area, for example, business owners can search
for loans, grants, and financing using a checklist starting with the
business type. The user may then select the type of financing needed, e.g.,
working capital. He or she is then given a list of several loan programs to
review and pursue to obtain a working capital loan.
This website provides an avenue for business owners to locate financing
or other assistance to help survive the current economic situation.
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