Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Starting Your First Business with little or no money!!

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For starters starting a small business with very little money is not going to be easy, but you can do it.

* Think business, A clear mindset. Open up Word or get a clean sheet of paper and write down in not more than 1 sentence the goal of your business. If you can not do this, then you need to refine your business goal into a clear statement. Here is an example: "The goal of my company is to sell wholesale disposable Eco friendly table ware to all fast food restaurants in Arizona.

* Act business, Advertisement. Most likely the goal of your business will be centered around selling a product or providing a service. Take advantage of free advertising sites such as craigslist and community bulletin websites. Many people use these websites and you need as much exposure as possible. Post more than one ad on more than one category using different wording.

* Run business. If they won't come to you, go to them! If you are selling a product or providing a service then communicate with who you might think is interested. Examples: If you are selling a product you know a restaurant can use, then make a list of restaurants and call asking if they would be interested. Give people a great reason of why they might need your service or product. An example would be: I will beat the price of your current saffron provider, guaranteed.

* Be business-y. Professional. You have to sound and look professional once you are out there. Hint hint, don't wear those ripped jeans or talk in slang (slang including words like "hey" "whazzup" "hows it going"). Try not to use umm's and you-know's either. The more professional you sound the more people take you and your business seriously.

* Work for your business. If you need to make money for your business, consider the internet! Writing articles such as this on ehow or blogging and adding adsense and other advertising add-ons can earn you money. You can buy a domain name and make a website. If you are not computer savvy there are websites that do the work for you. Yahoo eCommerce charges about 40 bucks a months.

* Do not purchase any inventory. When your customers orders the product then you order it directly from the manufacturer.

* You can easily make enough money a month online to cover the expenses of a website that caters to your costumers needs and most importantly, YOU! Good luck!

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