Saturday, February 20, 2010

The New Poor: Millions Of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

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Our government needs to control large American Corporations, like Wal Mart, Intuit, Sears, Levi and many many others.

By controlling the percentage of jobs that can outsource to other countries to less than 20% and control how much Foreign products that can import and sell in their businesses. Wal Mart for example imports products from other countries that are sold in Wal Mart American stores somewhere around 10 -15% of the total amount the entire United States Imports.

Which is billions of dollars of Foreign goods. Many other large Corporations are doing the same, just not the same amount. Please read

I am not totally sure how many jobs have been outsourced but I feel sure it is more than the 14.5 million Americans that our government is now saying is unemployed. And by this article this number will continue to rise.

I do realize that we need to do some trading with other countries, just to keep a good re pore with them.

But solutions are right in front of us. WE must take care of ourselves first, before we can help other countries.

The airlines have that part figured out. When the airline personal explains about cabin pressure, when the oxygen mask deploys put it on your face (the adult) first then help your children. Makes perfect since to me.

The United States of America First.

God Bless America
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