Sunday, January 31, 2010

Online Client Portals 24/7 access to your financial records

With Our NetClient CS, you can increase both the productivity of your business services:
Document Presentation

Our clients are provided with 24/7 access to electronic copies of your financial documents—tax returns, financial reports—or any other files that you make available to you via your private NetClient CS portal.

Our clients can use an online version of our client accounting software, Client Bookkeeping Solution , including check writing, payroll, accounts payable, and/or accounts receivable.

Remote Payroll Data Entry

Enjoy the time saving benefits of a paperless payroll process. Allow for fast and efficient payroll data exchange with your employees and seamless data flow directly into your Payroll CS software. Combined with Remote Check Printing , you have the convenience and speed of printing your own payroll checks.
UltraTax/1040 Portals

Our clients have their own private and secure portals to access, complete, and submit your web-based Client Organizer and receive an electronic copy of completed tax returns.
UltraTax CS Web Organizer

Our clients have a convenient way to organize tax information and upload it directly to our firm First Tax Solution via our firms website. By doing this our clients will not longer have to actually come into our office. Everything can be done via our firms web site. And using Skype
Web Employee

Provide your employees with read-only access to electronic copies of their payroll information, including paycheck stubs, W-2s, and earnings history. Employees can access information from our firms website First Tax Solution using private and secure portal technology.
File Exchange

Remote Payment Authorization

Our firm First Tax Solution can simply transfer control of your check writing and accounts payable tasks to if you our client prefers we can make the payments on your behalf.
Account Aggregation

Our online clients portals enable you our client to retrieve financial information from a variety of sources and view it in a single location, making it easier to analyze your total financial holdings.

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